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Self Storage Units Mission BC

Nestled along the Fraser River just eighty kilometers from Vancouver, Mission is a small but industrious city backing onto the mountains and overlooking the Fraser Valley. Mission is home to some of the country's largest tree farms with forestry and hydro electricity being its two largest economies. Many of the residents of Mission commute to vancouver due to its close proximity. With a bustling population of over 36,000 people its no wonder that self storage in Mission and the surrounding towns of Abbotsford and Langley has flourished in the recent years. With over 20 self storage facilities within close proximity, it is an easy task to find a self storage unit in Mission BC that suits your residential or business storage needs.

Climate Controlled Self Storage in Mission

If your home is located in an area like Mission that gets hot and humid in the summer months, which most of the west coast does, you will want to consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. Many of the things in your home, such as rugs, books, wooden and antique furniture, electonics, and off season clothing are vulnerable to mold, which can spread rampantly when the humidity hits high levels. Climate controlled storage units can offer an ideal solution. Some Mission storage facilities offer climate controlled storage units with fans to keep air moving around your contents to keep them dry and from molding. In the cooler months, these facilities use moderate heating to keep your contents dry andto prevent any possible freezing or cracking. Climate-controlled storage units often come with a higher price tag, but well worth the peace of mind that your personal belongings and family heirlooms are safe and secure.

Car Storage Units in Mission

If you are looking for the perfect solution to store your sports car, boat or recereational vehicle for the off season months, a drive up storage unit in Mission may be the perfect solution. Drive up storage units offer ease and accessibility for those looking to simply back up and unload. These storage units offer retractable roll up doors that allow you to back your vehicle up to or into your storage unit for easy loading and unloading. Drive up storage units in Mission are perfect for people who want to store bicycles, skis, motor cycles, snow mobiles, seasonal furniture or any other items you may want easy and frequent access to. Many storage facilties, such as Storage For Your Life in Mission, offer drive up storage units that can accommodate such needs.

Student Storage Units in Mission BC

If you are a student who has just finished spring exams you are probably realizing its time to figure out what to do with you furniture and other earthly belongings. Self storage has become a student staple in recent years, with more and more students taking advantage of the ease of storing their school year furniture while enjoying their summers at home. If you are a UBC student who comes from Mission or the surrounding areas, you may want to look at a storage facility in your home town. Although the task of loading up your parents car or rental truck and hauling your belongings home may seem overwhelming, the savings of renting a storage unit in Mission versus the city may add a little extra weight to your wallet. Rental rates for storage units are generally much higher in heavily populated urban centers where land and cost of building are more expensive. If you are staying in Vancouver for the summer, hook up with a friend and share a Vancouver storage unit, and shop around for operators offering student discounts. Storage facilities have come to realize that students are a vital part of their businesses.


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